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South Africa Bowhunting Checklist


____Alka Seltzer Cold
____Nose Spray
____Pepto Bismol
____First Aid Kit
____Prescriptions x # days
____Hand lotion
____Hand Sanitizer

____Shorts x2
____Socks x3
____Flip Flops
____Sleep Clothes
____Fleece pullover
____Rain Jacket
____SS Hunting Shirt
____LS Hunting Shirt x2
____Long pants x2
____Underwear x2
____Hat/knit hat
____T shirt
____Lightweight gloves
____Long Sleeve Undershirt x2
____Fleece vest


____Call Bank
____Call Credit Card Company(s)
____Register with STEP
____Check/mark all bolts on bow
____Wax Bowstring
____TSA locks on luggage
____Luggage Tags
____Compression socks
____Pack Carry On
____Visit Taxidermist

TRAVEL FOLDER (carried on)

____Flight Itinerary
____List of prescriptions and dosages
____Photo of bow and serial #
____List of Important Phone #s
Emergency #s (parents, etc…)
        – Doctor
        – Health Insurance
        – Bank, Credit Cards
        – Outfitter
____Dialing instructions US to SA and SA to US
____Copy of Passport
____Invitation to Hunt
____Taxidermist and Customs Clearinghouse Info
____Shot record
____Embassy Info, Phone and Email

____Spare Release
____Field points
____Sight Skin
____Bow Sling
____Xtra Peep, D loop
____Wax,  xtra nocks
____Quick fletch
____Allen wrenches
____Xtra serving string
____Headlamp w/ spare battery
____Flashlight w spare bat and bulb
____Perfect Shot Book
____Sight Light with spare battery
____Range Finder w/ Spare Battery
____Dark Colored ShirtPersonal Items
____Toiletries, Medicines & Vitamins
____Glasses & Extra Glasses
____Sun Glasses
____Cellular Phone & Charger

____Camera w/ spare battery and memory cards
____Video Camera
____Rechargeable Battery Pack (mophie/brunton)
____Insect Repellant
____Toiletries x 7 days
____Power Converter and SA and 3 to 2 adapters
____Money – cash
____Powdered Drink Mix
____Lens Cleaning Kit
____Wallet w/ IDs/CC/money
____Extra Watch